Delivery Terms

Local and Overseas Delivery Terms and Shipping Fee 

1) Door-to-door Delivery Service provided by Finlayson  

If the order reaches the specified net amount *, Finlayson provides free delivery service. Our logistic team will contact you by phone before each shipment in order to arrange the most appropriate delivery time.  If the order is below the specified net amount, the customer needs to pay $ 100 per order. 

* Free delivery arrangement: Members (net order amount $ 800 or more), VIP members (order net amount $600 or more). 

Delivery service is only applicable within Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, New Territories which can be accessed by motor vehicles on paved roads (excluding outlying islands, remote areas, closed areas, P.O. Box and Post Box etc...). The additional charge will be added for the remote area.  For details, please refer to  Appendix 1 (Additional Charges).

1.1) Delivery Arrangement 

Monday to Saturday (except Sundays and public holidays)
Delivery time: 09:00-18:00 (Monday to Saturday)
(The final delivery time is according to the shipment schedule arranged by Finlayson)

1.2) Delivery Time
Upon receipt of your order and payment, Finlayson will arrange the shipment as soon as possible.
For local order, it usually takes around 7 working days for an order to fully process and ready for delivery. If customer needs to re-schedule the delivery time, please contact us at 2419 7129 through customer service hotline at least 3 working days before the scheduled delivery date.

1.3) Undeliverable Orders
The orders will be returned due to reasons such as unknown delivery address, PO Box or hotel address, unsuccessful delivery, reject the package etc… such package will be returned to our warehouses.
For undeliverable order, customer is responsible to pick up the package within 3 months. Otherwise, all goods and payment will not be returned.
Appendix 1: Additional Charges 



Delivery Fee


Local Shipping

Per order


VIP Member: Apply when local order amount below HKD$800

Member: Apply when local order amount below HKD$600

Lifting product up/down the staircase charge

Per product

HKD$50/each floor per product

HKD$50/product/floor (maximum: 5 Floor)

Discovery Bay gate charges

Per order



(Delivery Time: 9:00am to 6:00pm)

Ma Wan Gate Charges

Per order



(Delivery Time: 10:00am to 4:00pm)


  • The calculation of free shipping amount is based on the discounted payment amount.
  • For all additional charge (except local delivery charge  $100 paid upon order confirmation), customer must pay it in cash upon arrival.
  • Depending on the on-site environment, customer may need to pay an additional charge for the extra services provided.
  • Customer is required to pay for the additional fee HKD$50/each floor for each piece if the delivery address cannot be reached by lift. (5 steps or above of stairs to reach the lift will be considered as one floor.)

2) Delivery service provided by S.F. Express (Freight Collect)  (applicable to orders less than the specified amount* & Small Items)

  • If the order is below the specified net amount *, the delivery service will be arranged by S.F. Express Freight Collect. Customers can choose the different S.F. Express services shown on the website.
  • This delivery service is not applicable to large goods including luggage, Juggle Bed, Juggle Pad, Miracle Cushion etc... These products will be delivered by Finlayson . If the order is below the specified net amount, the customer needs to pay $ 80 per order.  
  • Customers need to pay the full shipping fee to S.F. Express when receiving the goods (freight collect).
  • Shipping fee is charged according to S.F. Express. For the calculation of charges, please visit S.F. Express website
  • The net weight of the product (excluding packaging materials) can refer to the product information stated in the online store. The net weight of the product is for reference only and the actual product shall prevail

  • Shipping charge may be calculated based on the product volume and determined by S.F. Express.
  • The delivery date is 7-10 working days from the order date. In case of any changes and delays, all arrangements will be subject to S.F. Express. 
  • Finlayson will not be liable for any product damage, changing of delivery/delivery method or delivery delay caused by S.F. Express.
  • The shipping fee of free gifts offered by Finlayson shall be paid by customer.

3)  Overseas Delivery Service (For Macau Only)

  • We also provide delivery service for overseas customers (Macau) while the delivery charge is subjected to the location and total package weight.
  • Delivery service is only applicable to certain destinations that are shown in the online shop.
  • The goods will be prepared for shipment 7-10 working days upon order confirmation and payment settlement.  In case of any changes and delays, all arrangements are subject to SF Express. 
  • The maximum weight of parcel cannot be exceeded 19kgs. Extra charges will be billed to the customer if the parcel is too heavy or/and bulky. We will contact the customers by email or phone to explain for the reason of extra payment. Once the payment is settled, we will ship the goods.
  • Our overseas delivery service provider: S.F. Express 
  • Finlayson will provide the tracking number after shipping. Please visit for details.
  • Each order can only be delivered to one destination.
  • Finlayson will contact customer by email if the goods are not delivered successfully. Finlayson is not responsible for any unsuccessful delivery because of inaccurate delivery address.
  • Finlayson will not be able to arrange delivery service if customer only provide a post office box address.
  • Finlayson will not be liable for any product damage, changing of delivery or delivery delay caused by S.F. Express.
  • The shipping fee of free gifts offered by Finlayson shall be paid by customer. 

Finlayson reserves the right to modify the delivery arrangements of orders without further notice. In case of any dispute, the decision of Finlayson is final.