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Member Clause

The membership program is managed and operated by Finlayson. The services provided must be strictly enforced in accordance with the terms and conditions of their services. Customers through the completion of the procedures for the registration and click Account button, it means that customers have become a member and reached an agreement with Finlayson to accept all entered into the membership service terms and conditions.

1. Application procedure
i. Customers can register as a member on Finlayson website and start using membership services.
ii. Each member can only have one membership number at the same time. If found to be re-registered, all will be deleted without further notice, including store credits.
iii. This will be used by members only, not transferable.
iv. Finlayson has final authority approved the membership.
v.     For the details of Finlayson membership scheme and related privileged offers, please visit https://www.finlayson.hk/pages/membership?locale=en

2. Member account and password
i. Members shall properly keep the member account and password, and shall be responsible for all activities and events of the account. By hacking or negligence in the custody of member account illegal use by others, Finlayson will not take any responsibility. If you find any illegal use of the member account or breach of security, please contact Finlayson immediately.
ii. Members can sign in to view the profile and orders.
iii. Members can change the password in Profile section.

3. Member service content and modification of terms and conditions
i. Finlayson reserves the ultimate right to change the membership system architecture, special offers and other projects, including the terms and conditions; or termination of the membership system at any time. Membership is to indicate that the member has accepted any changes in the use of the program. Finlayson will not be responsible for any losses caused by the relevant changes.

4. Personal Information Collection Statement
i.      Members is voluntary provide the personal data information that will be used for operation and management of Finlayson & reg; membership program, including integral calculation, management and reward redemption with; or as future data collection, development plans, and as a member of the provide communications and information. If member fails to provide or update, or cause & reg;failed to Finlayson for members to provide established membership services and relevant preferential, when membership may will be terminated. If you do not provide the personal data information including the name and email, Finlayson may not bale to provide you with our products and approve the member registration. 
ii.     Finlayson do not open, edit or disclose the personal information of users and save in the Finlayson & reg;membership services non disclosure. Personal information or information will be forwarded to the supplier for the membership of the latest information,information and services. Members have the right to refuse to receive
iii.     It is the responsibility of the Member to notify Finlayson of their latest communication methods. Finlayson is not responsible for any loss caused by the Member's failure to notify Finlayson of the communication method. Member can amend and/or change the personal data at Flagship store or send email to cs@afontane.com.

5. Notice
i. All notices will send to member via website announcements, e-mails, letters or any public channel, including changes of terms and service or other important matters.
ii. Finlayson reserves the right to change the above terms and conditions without prior notice.